Make Plans to Have the Nerve to Create Your own Homestead Life

Do you have the nerve it takes to create YOUR on homestead life? I hope so! Nerve is mental strength and courage as well as bodily strength of vigor and energy. You must have the courage and confidence to create the life you want. With the economy as it is currently in the fall of 2023 with high inflation, skyrocketing housing prices, car prices, food prices, and the wars in Ukraine and Israel, it may seem like becoming a homesteader is out of reach for you. If you believe that, I hope you will reconsider. I believe that anyone can homestead where they are.  I know I am giving it one heck of a try.

Once you believe you can become more self-sufficient no matter where you are in life, then it's time to make your plans. I usually make monthly plans. I make a list of what I want to accomplish for the month. Once I do that, then I work backwards to figure out how can I make it a reality. I work on my goals a little bit every day. Working on your goals daily, no matter how small can really help you to make progress. Slow and steady always wins the race. There will be times when you have to work hard and fast, but I have often found that working daily in small increments keeps me focused and helps me not to become to overwhelmed. 

So, how do you figure out what you want in creating your own homestead life? You start with a journal and a pen. Ask yourself, "What do I want? What do I want to accomplish this month?" Start making notes of things and ideas you come up with in your journal. You might not know what you want at first but keep thinking about it and it will come to you. 

Once you figured out a couple of things you want to create in your life, then ask yourself, "What do I need to do to create this in my life? What inhibits me from doing this?" Write down the answers to these questions and then ask yourself, " How can I overcome this?" 

These questions that you are asking yourself are the steppingstones to help you on your path to become a homesteader. It helps you to develop your plan to create your own homestead. Did you know that just the act of writing down your goals, makes it 42% more likely that you will reach your goals? 

Once you have these monthly goals in place, make a plan to work on them daily by breaking down big tasks to manageable steps. Try to spend at least an hour each day working on your goals. If you don't have time during your regular day to spend working on your goals, then you may have to wake up an hour earlier or go to bed one hour later daily to carve out time for you to work on your goals. 

Some create your own homestead life goals could be to create a simple, clean home, where it is not cluttered. You could start cleaning up just one room of your home by throwing out trash, donating items to charity, and cleaning out the house really good. Having a clean home helps you to have a restful place to help you to rejuvenate and gather up strength to tackle bigger plans and projects. Even though you may be renting an apartment or a room in a friend's house, having a clean area to sleep and be in helps you both mentally and physically. 

Don't forget while you are working on your goals, that an overarching goal of a homesteader is to be a wise steward of your finances. Please do not plan to reach your goals by going out and spending lots of money to fix up your homestead or to buy things you need for your new homestead life. Be frugal. Always be frugal. Being frugal gives you the space to be more creative in reaching your goals. 

Make sure to write down in your journal what you are doing daily to work on your goals. This helps to keep track of your progress and further motivate you. You can do this! 

The most beautiful stories are written by those who have the nerve to defy convention and script their own narrative. Have the courage and energy to create your own homestead life that is full of simplicity and self-sufficiency. Be grateful of what you have and find joy in the everyday!