Indulge in Irresistible Delights: The Tempting World of Drop Doughnuts

I love old cookbooks! I recently came across a paperback cookbook that accompanies the purchase of a new appliance. The cookbook was dated 1953 and the appliance was Fryryte, a deep fryer.

What I found amazing about this cookbook was the overarching theme of nutritional value of deep fried foods, One statement said, " Round-the-clock use of your FRYRYTE will pay dividends in health as well as taste-enjoyment."  Another statement said, "Vitamin and mineral values of the food are preserved by the same deep-frying process that emphasizes the flavor." 

I say, let the health of deep-fried foods begin as I make one of its recipes, drop doughnuts!

Drop Doughnuts

I made the drop doughnut recipe. It was actually delicious! I sprinkled the doughnuts with sugar and cinnamon after frying.  I took a photo of this old drop doughnut recipe for you to try it out. Enjoy!

1953 Drop Doughnut Recipe